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Wild Party Girls 2 – Daily Update for Friday

Posted on 02 March 2007 by

Wild Party Girls 2
Release Date: 2002
Movie Length: 120 min mins.
# Of Scenes: 6
Category: Party Girl
Synopsis: Each year, Jose Gaspar and his elite group of Pirates invade Tampa bay and take possession of the city. Then, all hell breaks loose thus the name Gasparilla!! Tampa’s streets become one of the biggest parties in the nation! No street party is complete without Christina, your personal party girl! Christina’s bountiful assets bring plenty of opportunity for Pirates and partiers to exchange beads for breasts, and as you’ll learn, Christina’s not shy!! We talk Christina into a parking garage where she gives us some private views. After a full day of partying, we’re off to her hotel room to shower, shave her pussoit, and clean up…And she shows us how to ‘clen up’ on our friend, ‘Dick Dilso’ by giving ‘Dick’ an incredible blowjob!! Christina then masturbates herself into a wet and sticky frenzy, and gives ‘Dick’ the titty fuck of the year! Our friend ‘Dick’ is one lucky stiff!next, Christina introduces segments of our favorite party events First we’re off to Mardi Gras. If you like watching innocent girls flashing tits, bush and ass, they you’ll love Mardi Gras. Then we’re off to Indiana for the annual Nudes a Poppin’ events. Imagine more than 100 hot girls competing completely naked for various Miss Nude titles!! They shake their asses, they shake their tits and bend over, and they spread wide open! Cap this party off with one of our signature wet tshirt contests where, of course, it takes skin to win!!

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