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Real Adventures 29 – Daily Update for Thursday

Posted on 07 June 2007 by

Real Adventures 29
Release Date: 2003
Movie Length: 129 min mins.
# Of Scenes: 8
Category: Coed
Synopsis: You want Americas sexiest neighbors showin their stuff? You got it right in your hands! Collegiates, sisters, housewives, and girlfriends more than 100 fresh amateur girls in 24 awesome scenes!! You want public nudity? How about at a marina, at the beach, on a major roadway, a public park, in a restaurant, in a convertible, and theres nothing like a nude Florida sunset! Youll be front row center checking out Americas hottest Spring Break cuties in 2 noholdsbarred wet tshirt contests where it takes skin to win! Before you can blink an eye, we take you to 2 of Americas greatest street parties Mardi Gras and Fantasy Fest. Speaking of parties, the girls at Nudes a Poppin show us their favorite positions bent over and spread wide! Ever wonder if that girl in the nightclub has panties on? PantyMan has the answers! Cast your vote for Best Ass of the Month youll see some incredible bouncing butts in a smokin new BootyShake contest. Finally, our cameras roam the dance floors at our favorite nightclubs peeking under skirts, admiring bouncing cleavage, encouraging tit ass flashing, and creating a frenzy for all the exhibitionists in the crowd. Of course, we coaxed 10 innocent amateurs right into the back room for those private views! How do you say no to a minimum of 100 hot girls and 24 awesome scenes packed into 2 hours of nonstop party madness?

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