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Public Defamation – Daily Update for Friday

Posted on 13 April 2007 by

Public Defamation
Release Date: 2002
Movie Length: 56 minutes mins.
# Of Scenes: 4
Adult Stars: Master Rick Savage, Bunny Bleu, Lexus Nique, Sasha Sweet
Category: Bondage
Synopsis: Mistress Sasha is indoctrinating Lexus in the ways of ‘the arts.’ Master Savage is bringing his new young pet Bunnee over to join in the tortures of the day. But, on th way, in the streets of a warehouse district in Brooklyn. Bunnee has to kneel and receive repeated breast beatings from the savage one. When they arrive at Sasha’s dungeon, the other ladies marvel at Bunnee’s bruised bosom. In the end, it is the mistress who is in for a sweet surprise, as the others bind and blindfold her and leave her nearly naked and vulnerable in a very public place.

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