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Poke her face when playing poker

Posted on 24 April 2012 by amc

Blowjob Orgy
The recent release off the network that I caught was off the Real Slut Party site and features Jenna J Ross, Mariah Mars playing strip poker, in a scene called Poke her Party. The women in the scene and off the entire network are all hotties and not the regular faces you’re used to seeing on most Porn sites. In good strip poker fashion the game degenerates into a full fledged orgy and the commentary from the participants adds to the hotness of the scene. The HD quality doesn’t hurt either. Which guy doesn’t like to see three chicks go to town on each other while a few others out of the camera angle are being plowed through by two other lucky guys. The person filming has a female voice and that makes it that much hotter especially when two chicks cum swap with each other after performing and immaculate blowjob. Always a pleasure to watch and cum to!

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