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Naked College Coeds 7 – Daily Update for Sunday

Posted on 10 June 2007 by

Naked College Coeds 7
Release Date: 2004
Movie Length: 120 min mins.
# Of Scenes: 7
Category: Coed
Synopsis: America’s Hottest Sexiest Coeds Baring It All!!College girls are crazier than ever, and they’re partying harder than you could imagine!! For those familiar with DreamGirls, there’s no surprise that DreamGirls has captured every shocking and revealing second to bring you this awesome new series!! Naked College Coeds are partying at Mardi Gras, Spring Break, and Fantasy Fest, they’re young, far from home, and living on the wild side!Experience America’s hottest collegiates, at a Americas hottest parties, where anything goes and fantasized becomes reality! You’ll indulge in scene after scene, each revealing yet another act of uninhibited reckless abandon!!But that’s not all You’ll be treated to some oneonone fun when we spend quality time with select girls that want all the attention and all eyes on them! You’ll be amazed at what these crazy college girls do for a good time! As an added bonus, you’ll be blown away when we take you to out of control wett contests, where it takes extreme SkinToWin!! With Naked College Coeds, you’ll enjoy hot, young collegiates at outrageous parties having the time of their lives!!

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