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Fresh Thai Cream Pies 3 – Daily Update for Saturday

Posted on 26 May 2007 by

Fresh Thai Cream Pies 3
Release Date: 2006
Movie Length: 135 min mins.
# Of Scenes: 5
Category: Cream Pie
Synopsis: Dimitri Wolfe is at it again. Back in Thailand with his Boyz for a new installment of the Hot Selling Fresh Thai Cream Pies Series. Volume 3 really Loads up on the Cream as Kinkaid and Derrick leave their nectar in 5 New Thai Orchids. Jenny is like few other Asian girls. To start, she has a huge rack and a thick juicy natural body. From there, she can swallow every last inch of Kinkade 10 incher in both her mouth and hairless fuck box. One load was not enough for her she got Kinkade to give it up twice! Noi is fresh out of the Thai countryside and happy to be in the city where there is lots of American Cum floating around. Derrick is more than happy to welcome Noi to town with a huge dump in her fresh young hole. May is the Cover Girl for this installment. Her cute face and shaven little pussy was all Kinkade needed to fertilize this little flower. Bee comes from an area of Thailand where the most Beautiful women come from. Her little Doll face looks so nice wrapped around Kinkades cock. She looks even nicer as white cum dribbles out of her pink puss. Pun had the pleasure of meeting the Director Dimitri. He promptly takes his turn inseminating some of his own as his crew takes a break. Dimitri sows his white seed into this shaved, babyfaced 19 year old cum lover. There are 3 Bonus Scenes. Out Take Blooper Scenes. Over 2 Hours and 40 Minutes of Hot Authentic Asian Cream Pie Action. Enjoy!!

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