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Felix The Lucky Slave 7 – Daily Update for Saturday

Posted on 14 April 2007 by

Felix The Lucky Slave 7
Release Date: 2003
Movie Length: 90 mins.
# Of Scenes: 2
Adult Stars: Mistress Tara Indiana, Felix, Misress Tara Indianna, Mistress Mercy
Category: Bondage
Synopsis: The saga of Felix the Lucky Slave continues. In this volume, Felix who is on a quest to submit to every beautiful and talented domiin New York City, is place in the hands of Mistress Mercy and Mistress Tara. What a lucky day it is for everybody’s favorite slave. First, it’s doggie training by Mistress Mercy. Can Felix catch, fetch, heel, eat from his doggie bowl? Can he be lead around the dungeon by his nipple clamps? If he is a bad doggie, he will surely be caned, paddled and then smothered by Ms. Mercy’s beautiful soft breasts. Next, both doms gang up on our lucky fellow as he is used as an ashtray, clawed, faceslapped, bound with several pairs of pantyhose and finally dunked in a jacuzzi. Felix is definitely one lucky fellow!!!

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