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Cream Filled Holes! 3 – Daily Update for Sunday

Posted on 10 June 2007 by

Cream Filled Holes! 3
Release Date: 2005
Movie Length: 131 min mins.
# Of Scenes: 5
Adult Stars: Naomi, Karina Kay, Amber Peach, Angela Stone
Category: Cumshot
Synopsis: Cover girl Karina, gets slimed in the pussy and face by two dicks. Angela cums and squirts everywhere, then gets her butt hole filled with splooge. Amber Peach’s fat puffy pussy gets stuffed with semen, then she gets blasted in the face! Big butt Naomi takes on Lee Stone’s massive member till her cunt is dripping with cum. Jamie loves two cocks and fucks like a maniac until her face and snatch are drentched in spunk. This flick covers every hole you can fuck with nasty slimy cum.

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