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Casting Couch Cuties 6 – Daily Update for Tuesday

Posted on 01 May 2007 by

Casting Couch Cuties 6
Release Date: 1990
Movie Length: 116 min mins.
# Of Scenes: 4
Adult Stars: Allisa, Kasey, Heather, Taylor
Category: Casting Couch
Synopsis: Ever thought about asking your girlfriend or wife to be in a DreamGirls video? Well, thats exactly what Jeannies husband did, and were the lucky winners of his hard work. Were not sure he knew wed ask so many questions, and youll discover just how wild Jeannie really is! Next up is Myra a hot Latin Badgirl. When she showed up, she told us that her boyfriend would kill her if he ever found out what she was doing! Alluring, erotic, and very open best describes Maria. If you like your sex on the kinky side, then Marias your type of woman! This video wraps to a close with the very cute, sexy, and notsoshy Marcelis. She has an infectious laugh and seems to be very attracted to the camera.

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