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Casting Couch Cuties 4 – Daily Update for Thursday

Posted on 03 May 2007 by

Casting Couch Cuties 4
Release Date: 2002
Movie Length: 118 min mins.
# Of Scenes: 5
Adult Stars: Tess, Chase, Alexis, Shelley
Category: Casting Couch
Synopsis: Weve been thinking about renaming Casting Couch 4 the Restless, Young, and Innocent video youll see why!! First up is the bright and smiling Silver a beautiful blonde with an awesome body. Silver is innocent, but she definitely isnt shy! Next, meet Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn has big bouncy breasts, a nice meaty ass, and a pierced clit. You wont forget Shawnas infectious smile and perfect natural breasts. Shawna used to be a cheerleader makes us wonder about those bus trips with the team? Finally, meet Brandy the nightclub girl. What can you say about a cute young girl that likes a lot of pain with her pleasure?!

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