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Casting Couch Cuties 3 – Daily Update for Saturday

Posted on 05 May 2007 by

Casting Couch Cuties 3
Release Date: 2001
Movie Length: 120 min mins.
# Of Scenes: 4
Adult Stars: Alana, Audra, Jillian, Malia
Category: Casting Couch
Synopsis: Peek behindthescenes and see an actual video test shoot! Each month, girls call us with the desire of becoming DreamGirls Centerfold models, and we invite them in. We begin each session by asking detailed questions about sexual preferences and experiences. These are all the shocking questions you’ve always wanted to ask, but never knew how or where to start, and you’ll be amazed with their answers! It doesn’t take long before these hotties are baring it all.Mama raised this gorgeous little Texan right! Alana is a precious beauty with big perfect breasts! Surprisingly, this little lady is shy and easily embarassed, but we got her to reveal her sex drive is comparable to a man’s, and much, much more! I like to get my pussy licked, this naughty nurse declared! Meet Audram a fun party girl with great nipples and a great why not attitude! Audra feels that clit play is the key, and demonstrates for the camera exactly what she means! Here’s a tip don’t ever upset a dominatrix that loves to suck dick! Malia is an exotic seductress that has a control problem! Malia reveals an interesting piercing, as well as her interesting sexual practices! You don’t learn to shake your ass like that at soccer camp! Don’t let looks fool you our tomboy Jillian exposes an awesome body that is all woman! Jillian also proves that she’s an exhibitionist by giving us some great spreadeagle shots!

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