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Casting Couch Cuties 19 – Daily Update for Thursday

Posted on 15 February 2007 by

Casting Couch Cuties 19
Release Date: 2003
Movie Length: 120 min mins.
# Of Scenes: 3
Adult Stars: KC, Sara, Gijit, Melissa
Category: Softcore
Synopsis: These four young exhibitionists all have one thing in common irresistibly adorable smiles! But dont let their sweet and innocent appearances fool you, our probing questions reveal their wilder side, and gets them off to some probing of their own! Meet Vivian 34B2234, a bubbly 19 year old who is a natural blond. This bank teller will have you saying, Id like to make a deposit, as she finger blasts herself into a frenzy using both hands! Tia 34C2536 was a Voyeur Dorm resident and proves she has no problem showing it all! With her bald pussy, this 20yearold demonstrates how she likes to have her nipple ring played with! Next up is Lisa 34B2434. Watch as this surfer chick goes all the way! Even as far as sticking her finger in her ass! Surfs up!! Finally, meet the very hot Heather. At 55 34DD2233, our little party girl really enjoys shaking her ass! At the ripe age of 20, she tells us all about her wild and crazy experiences as an exhibitionist. Her double Ds and double pierced clit are sure to double your pleasure!!

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