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Brazzers Sex Fighter Pits Katsuni Vs. Keiran Lee

Posted on 11 August 2011 by amc

Keiran Lee and Katsuni against one anotherBrazzers Sex Fighter ParodyInsert coins here. And if I were you I’d hurry my ass up and insert my coins into the new Brazzers Sex Fighter Parody, this hardcore, hard fighting and hard fucking new scene pits porn superstars; Keiran Lee and Katsuni against one another, in a classic 3 round match of lewd and unadulterated sex action. Of course you have to expect that if you are going to do a sex fighter parody you will be pitting the two best fighters, in Ryu and Chun-Li against one and other, and if this sex fighter is all about fucking, well then you best pit the two best pornstars against one another. Brazzers are masters at creating this type of sex spoof, and certainly do not disappoint here. I will refrain from telling you who wins of course, but I will give it my 2 thumbs up in terms of awesome entertainment value. Yup, you’d best insert those coins now.

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