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Fuck the pain away today

Posted on 21 March 2012 by amc

I really appreciate this XXX movie I recently caught called Fuck the Pain Away featuring these amazing Pornstars: Vanilla Deville and Chloe James and Ava Addams. I like seeing angry and vicious lesbians go off on good girls in just about any scenario you can imagine. Now I think the way that the scene opens up with two women in a bathroom, one consoling the other for her husband’s passing when the husband’s mistress comes into the bathroom, they can’t believe it and corner her in the bathroom, this sets in motion one great 30 minute video. I can really appreciate the realism behind it, the widowed wife getting even sexually with the mistress, what more could you ask for, you have an angry lesbian getting even and tag teaming the Porno mistress in a hardcore Porn scene. My cock got so hard the moment I saw the wife choke the mistress and tell her that she wanted to hear her say I want you to lick my pussy…The quality of the site never ceases to impress me with the Sex scenes that they produce, I’d say that you can always be certain of the quality they put out.

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